Return Policy

Here at Almachi Scarves we accept returns and exchanges. The product must be returned within 14 days of the purchase. The product must be in the same condition as it was received in the package. If any damage was done to the product, the return will not be accepted and will be shipped back to the customer. If the customer wishes to return the product, they must pay for the shipping and email Almachi Scarves at before they send the product through the shipping carrier. The product must be shipped to the company Shipping Address. Once the email by the customer has been received by Almachi Scarves, Almachi Scarves will send the customer a form, via email. The form must be printed and filled out and be shipped with the returning product. Almachi Scarves will not cover the shipping cost for returning and exchanging products. Once the product has reached Almachi Scarves, the customer will receive a refund, or if they wish an exchange for another product of equal or less value, of their choosing.


Return and Exchange Instructions:

  1. Email Almachi Scarves at stating whether you would like a return or exchange. This must be done within 14 days of purchase. If the customer is exchanging the product, they must state in the email that they are exchanging the product and specify the product that they wish to exchange it with, that must be of equal or less value of the original purchased product price. If they are demanding a refund they must state in the email and specify that they demand a refund. The product must also be in the exact same condition in which it was received. Any damaged products will not be accepted and returned back to the customer.

  2. Once Almachi Scarves has received the email, Almachi Scarves will email the customer back with a form to fill out. The form must be printed and filled out completely and returned with the product.

  3. When the form has been finished place the form inside the same package which is being returned to Almachi Scarves.

  4. Send the packaging with the correct form and product inside, to the company shipping address, which is, 103 Mt Sinai Coram Road, Coram, NY,11727, through any carrier. The shipping cost is not covered by Almachi Scarves, but at the customer’s expense.

  5. Once the package has been received by Almachi Scarves, an email will be sent to the customer, verifying that it had been received. If the product does not reach Almachi Scarves, or gets lost, Almachi Scarves will not be responsible for the product and no return or exchange will take place.

  6. After the email has been sent to the customer the full price of the product, except the shipping cost, will be refunded to the customer. If the customer demands an exchange they will get an email stating that the product (which the customer specified via email) that they wished to exchange with has been sent to the customer’s shipping address.